These terms and conditions for “Electric Vehicle or Lithium Ion Battery and their Allied Components Reserve” shall constitute valid and binding agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”) between “E-Scoot Rental Solutions” and the individuals, Companies, Firms etc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Beneficiary/ies”). Both the parties shall be collectively referred to as “Parties” and severally by the names ascribed to them.

This Agreement is a valid and legally enforceable e-contract as per the provisions of Section 10-A of the “Information Technology Act, 2000”. By clicking “Ok” or “I agree” button at the time of sign up and/or continual use of the website www.escootrentals.in including other websites, mobile applications etc. linked with E-Scoot Rental Solutions, the Beneficiary/ies agrees to be bound and governed by this Agreement. Beneficiary/ies is advised to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Terms & Conditions
  1. In order to collaborate with E-Scoot Rental Solutions for the facilitation of rideshare, delivery, courier, rental etc. business (hereinafter referred to as the “Business Module”), the Beneficiary/ies hereby agrees to hire Electric Vehicle or Lithium Ion Battery and their Allied Components from E-Scoot Rental Solutions on future purchase basis, subject to the terms hereof, and pay minimum cost thereof (hereinafter referred to as the “Reserve Price”) as per the prevailing policies of M/.s E Scoot Rental Solutions. Individual may also request for the transfer of any Electric Vehicle or Lithium Ion Battery and their Allied Components against purchase advance paid to M/s. E-Scoot Rental Solutions under the Business Module.
  2. Subject to cl.1 above, E-Scoot Rental Solutions will assign Electric Vehicle or Lithium Ion Battery and their Allied Components in favour of Beneficiary/ies and Beneficiary/ies hereby unconditionally authorises E-Scoot Rental Solutions to engage the battery so assigned for the purposes of Business Module on his/her behalf for a period of eighteen (18) months from the date of receipt of the Reserve Price to be run and managed by E-Scoot Rental Solutions inuring to the benefit of Beneficiary/ies.
  3. There shall be a monthly compensation payable to Beneficiary/ies from the rental income accrued from the Electric Vehicle or Lithium Ion Battery and their Allied Components Reserve as per the prevailing policies of E-Scoot Rental Solutions, which will be updated on www.escootrentals.in. from time to time. Beneficiary/ies are advised to visit the said website for regular updates in the policies and terms hereof. Beneficiary/ies shall be required to provide necessary documents including PAN, Identity proof etc. towards KYC for processing the compensation failing which E-Scoot Rental Solutions reservs the right to withhold the Beneficiary/ies Compensation until the submission of the acceptable KYC documents.
  4. Besides the Beneficiary/ies Compensation mentioned above, the Reserve Price of the battery will also be amortised in equated monthly amounts along with the “Beneficiary/ies” Compensation during the validity of this Agreement, subject to the terms hereof. Beneficiary/ies Compensation will be paid from the month succeeding the date of receipt of Reserve Price or from such other date as decided by E-Scoot Rental Solutions from time to time at its sole discretion. Beneficiary/ies.
  5. It is clarified that the present Agreement shall not in any manner constitute the transfer of title qua the Electric Vehicle or Lithium Ion Battery and their Allied Components in favour of “Beneficiary/ies” until their delivery to the “Beneficiary/ies” in terms of this Agreement. “Beneficiary/ies” status shall be merely of a beneficiary of the Business Module with limited rights to the extent of his/ her compensation fixed herein till the validity of this Agreement and E-Scoot Rental Solutions will not entertain any request for the personal use or otherwise of the Electric Vehicle or Lithium Ion Battery and their Allied Components from Beneficiary/ies.
  6. In case E-Scoot Rental Solutions terminates the Agreement within eighteen (18) months, the non-amortised Reserve Price amount will be refunded to the Beneficiary.
  7. Beneficiary/ies may terminate the agreement only in case of any exigency. Refund request will be entertained by M/s. E Scoot Rental Solutions on case to case basis at its sole discretion. In case of Refund approval, M/s. E Scoot Rental Solutions shall be free to deduct Rs. 1000/- as exit charges on each Beneficiary/ies Compensation cycle plus other prevailing handling charges at the time of refund. E-Scoot Rental Solutions will refund the remaining Reserve Price amount, less the amortised amount already refunded, within fifteen (15) working days from the date of request/ notice for termination from Beneficiary/ies.
  8. Beneficiary may also purchase the Electric Vehicle or Lithium Ion Battery and their Allied Components during the tenure of this Agreement. In such case, remaining non-amortized Reserve Price will be adjusted against the Electric Vehicle or Lithium Ion Battery and their Allied Components “on actual price” and differential cost would be borne by the Beneficiary/ies. Delivery of Electric Vehicle or Lithium Ion Battery and their Allied Components shall be subject to the availability of the selected model and/or component. Applicable taxes and other charges shall be charged extra.
  9. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, “Beneficiary/ies” Compensation including the amortization of Reserve Price amount shall be discontinued and cease to accrue in case of exit/ termination of this Agreement as per cl. 7 or 8 above from the date of receipt of such request/ notice for termination from Beneficiary/ies and the Agreement shall stand terminated with immediate effect simultaneous with the revocation of the assignment of Electric Vehicle or Lithium Ion Battery and their Allied Components.
  10. This Agreement shall be valid and effective upto a period of eighteen  (18) months from the respective date of receipt of Reserved Price from Beneficiary/ies, unless terminated earlier in accordance to this Agreement.
  11. The E-Scoot Rental Solutions shall be relieved from the performance of all duties and obligations under the Agreement due to the event/s of Force Majeure including but not limited to war, calamities, famine, pandemic, sabotage, lockdown, change in policies, fire, Government notifications, orders of judicial authorities etc. or other unforeseen circumstances, now existing or that may occur in future, impairing performance of the obligations herein.
  12. The relationship between E-Scoot Rental Solutions and Beneficiary/ies hereto shall be non-exclusive and on a Principal-to-Principal basis. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to constitute a partnership, agency or employer- employee relationship between the Parties.
  13. E-Scoot Rental Solutions shall be entitled to add to, vary or amend any or all of these terms and conditions at any time and Beneficiary/ies shall be bound by such addition, variation or amendment once such addition, variation or amendment are incorporated into these Terms and Conditions or updated on www.escootrentals.in.
  14. The Business Module of E-Scoot Rental Solutions is neither an opportunity of investment of any kind nor it guarantees any fixed return on the Reserve Price. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the maximum liability of E-Scoot Rental Solutions in any event shall be restricted and limited to non-amortized Reserve Price only, less amount already refunded to the Beneficiary/ ies as per the present terms & conditions.
  15. This Agreement is non-assignable on part of the Beneficiary/ies. E-Scoot Rental Solutions shall be free to assign this Agreement to any third party without any prior notice and consent of Beneficiary/ies, however, this Agreements along with the right and liabilities herein shall stand assigned in favour of an individual who has been authorized to receive the Beneficiary/ies Compensation by a referee Beneficiary/ies. Such authorization shall be irrevocable and irreversible by the referee Beneficiary/ies.
  16. If the nature of the constitution of the E-Scoot Rental Solutions changes anytime during this Agreement, then the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall mutatis mutandis apply to such new constitution and the present Agreement shall be deemed assigned for all intent and purposes contained herein.
  17. Any disputes or differences arising out of or pertaining to this Agreement, shall be the courts situate at New Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to try and adjudicate upon dispute.

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