1. These Terms & Conditions shall constitute a valid and binding agreement    between M/s. E-Scoot Rental Solutions & Applicant. For all intents and   purposes of these terms, M/s. E-Scoot Rental Solutions and the Applicant  will be referred to as “E-Scoot” & “Store Partner” respectively and  jointly as “Parties”.

2.  The Store Partner has agreed to collaborate with E-Scoot for setting up an electric vehicle rental store (hereinafter referred to as “Store”) in collaboration with E-Scoot preferably in or around his//her area of  residence or workplace, as the case may be, subject to business potential.

3. Store Partner may identify and suggest a Store location in his/her area of  residence & workplace, which will be subject to assessment by E-  Scoot. E-Scoot shall be free to set-up the store in any other area on the     basis of its independent assessment should the business viability is not found to be meeting the expectations of E-Scoot & Store Partner for the     store location suggested by the Store Partner.

4.  Store Partner has agreed to pay an initial support amount of Rs. 700,000/- (Seven Lacs Only) to E-Scoot for a period of 12 months in order to meet initial expenses towards setting up the Store (hereinafter referred to as “Setup Fund”). Payment of Setup Fund shall constitute acceptance of these terms & conditions by the Store Partner.

5. E-Scoot may endeavour to set-up the Store within 45-60 days from the date of receipt of entire        Setup Fund, subject to the execution of lease deed and procurement of licences, registrations & permissions from the concerned authorities.

6. Store Partner agrees that the Setup Fund shall bear no interest, however,he shall be entitled for the compensation on the Setup Fund for a period of one year in following manner;

i. Assured monthly share from the rental operation income not exceeding Rs. 8,750/- per month for twelve months; and

ii. Additional periodic incentive shall be awarded during the term of  the agreement, as and when announced; and Compensation payable to the Store Partner will be inclusive of applicable taxes.

7. E-Scoot will be responsible for arranging the electric vehicles and necessary infrastructure required for smooth functioning of Store’s operation. E-Scoot will be liable for the salaries of the manpower, labour law compliances, taxes related to Store’s business etc.

8. Ownership and title of the electric vehicles, equipment, tools, spare parts, purchased for the Store’s rental business shall be the property of E-Scoot only. Store Partner shall not claim any right on the same under any circumstances.

9. E-Scoot shall do all rental & vehicle sales related billings from the Store, in its name only.

10. All warranty, customer support, after sales services, regional transport compliances w.r.t the vehicles will be the responsibility of E-Scoot.

11. E-Scoot may at its own discretion refund the Setup Fund to the Store Partner within twelve months of receipt without any interest thereon and Store partner shall not raise any protest or demur in this regard.

12.Compensation/s reserved herein for the Store Partner shall cease to be paid immediately upon refund of the set-up fund.

13.Store Partner shall have no right in the Store’s operation or its income or any right of any nature whatsoever in E-Scoot during the term of this Agreement.

14. Term of this Agreement is one year from the date of receipt of the Setup Fund, however, E-Scoot shall be free to terminate this Agreement anytime without any prior notice to the Store Partner. E-Scoot will refund the Set-Up Fund paid by the Store Partner within 15 days of expiry of this Agreement by efflux of time or termination, as the case may be.

15. This Agreement is on Principal-to-Principal basis only and does not create an employer-employee, Joint Venture, Partnership or any other relationship between E-Scoot & Store Partner recognized under law. This Agreement does not authorize the Store Partner to act for and on behalf of E-Scoot as its agent or authorized representative or to make commitments or enter into any instrument of binding nature on behalf of E-Scoot.

16. The Courts situated at Delhi only shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to try and adjudicate upon the dispute incidental to or arising from this Agreement between the Parties.


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